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tuff shed Reviews

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  • Tuff Shed has horrific customer service

    I am working on a large project on my home and bought and paid for the shed ahead of time. I asked that they call me because I did not know exactly when I wanted the shed setup due to construction timelines. At the time the person said it was no problem. When they called they informed me that I had to call them and they would be charging me a 15% restocking fee. WOW! I asked them to check the notes. I now plan on canceling the order since I have to pay the 15% fee no matter what. They have horrific customer service and I WILL NOT DO business with an organization that does not keep... More...
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    BearDogg's Picture   BearDogg    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tuff shed bad from the beginning

    When we first had the workers come out they were 2 hours late along with the next 3 days they came out. They were never here the time specified. Then when they got to the roof it was raining and when questioned about the roofing in the rain we were informed that's done all the time. Now the building is done and there are numerous problems with it. We have contacted the company many times and finally had the heads of the departments come out today. They all agreed it was acceptable work. We have several pictures of the problems. When asked what would be done we were told we are... More...
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    IloveTim's Picture   IloveTim    2 Comments   Comments
  • Tuff Shed experience a disaster from get-go

    I wanted to order a tuff shed from Home Depot for my back yard. After leaving three messages on my local reps voicemail, I called Home Depot who was able to help me order the shed, and told me it would be installed on a day I needed it installed. I never did recieve a receipt. The person from Home Depot typed in my email address incorrectly and they have no way to correct it. Then I was called the next week by someone from Tuff Shed to tell me it would be installed a month later! I told her I needed it the day I was promised as I had people moving in with me and she challenged me about... More...
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    carussum's Picture   carussum    1 Comments   Comments
  • TUff Shed not taking down old shed and putting up new one

    I wish I had seen thie web page before I bought my shed. I bought the shed 7/6/15 but I cancel it because I thought the sale man was rude . Well he called me back so the following week I reordered the shed. They were suppose to take down my old shed and replace with a new one. Finally Aug 21 2015 they said they will bring out the new shed. Well the delivery men thought they were just putting up a shed they didn't know they were taking one down. So they put the shed on the grass behind my garage and left saying someone will call me when they will be back. well I called... More...
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    Rosietoes63's Picture   Rosietoes63    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tuff Shed through Home Depot

    I wouldnt purchased anything from Tuff Shed ever again. This is the worst fu&^%&& company i have ever dealt with. To start they dropped the wall against my chain link fense and caused a hole in the back wall. They wanted to repair it by putting plastic wood in the hole. Then they put up roof rafters that were not the right pitch and like idiots nailed them anyway. They had to take them off and replace with the proper pitch rafters. then the wrong shingle color not once but twice before they got the color i ordered and now the roof has holes in the decking like its been... More...
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    Mikelilburn's Picture   Mikelilburn    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tuff Shed-Pretty but very bad quaility

    I bought a Tuff Shed 10 x 12 in Spring Texas and within about 2 years I had to call them to make repairs on exterior rotted boards. They came and fixed it since it was under warranty but they are now all rotted again and now the roof around the edges have falling, rotting boards and of course the warranty has expired. When I called to see if they would make it right, they simply told me that I could hire their contractors at $125.00 an hour plus supplies and they would fix it. It's funny because when you call their 800 number and your on hold, they have a commercial playing that says... More...
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    kimqc's Picture   kimqc    1 Comments   Comments
  • Tuff Shed - Buyer Beware

    We were about to order a 24' by 48' barn from Tuff Shed Escondido - we were finalizing the paperwork/contract (which had constant mistakes), when we were told that the installation, amounting to nearly $4000, was not included in the price (even though we were told at our initial meeting the installation was included). And, we were told at the 11th hour that the $800 in credits they said we had, were now reduced. We have cancelled our transaction. We feel uncomfortable in using this company for a large project. If we were buying a small shed it may be ok, But they seem... More...
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    moran77's Picture   moran77    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tuff Shed has costs me lots of wasted time and money

    Tuff Shed initially concluded that putting a shed on my property was not going to be an issue even after they measured and saw how unlevel the ground was. Their contractors didn't even show up with the right materials to support the floor of the shed. Their foreman, even had the audacity to use my own concrete blocks on my property without my permission to put underneath to try and "support" the floor. After I returned home after work, I found that their work was very sloppy with many serious mistakes. They didnt even secure one of the walls down to the floor and it had a... More...
    Tracklin's Picture   Tracklin    0 Comments   Comments

    Twelve years ago, I purchased a Tuff Shed, Incorporated garage which was to be installed in Mendocino County, California. There was a one year delay because the corporation was based in Colorado and did not comprehend that only a California civil engineer could provide the engineering specifications for a garage. Essentially, the garage provided by Tuff Shed, Incorporated, is composed of the framing, siding, and roofing. I had to hire third party contractors for the concrete foundation and the concrete footing, and for the electrical work, the garage door opener, the... More...
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    TrentJason's Picture   TrentJason    0 Comments   Comments
  • Anything for a sale!

    I rented a house and bought a Tuff Shed unit from the Ontario location in 2008. "Bud" even came over during the installation as he knew I was renting and if I moved I would have to move the unit. He said no problem $400 to move the unit. It was a deal breaker since I didn't own the property. So now I have to move so I called the Ontario location up and sure enough "Bud" was still there. Now it's $1700 to move it!! It only cost $2700. to buy it! He says he would have never said that and that wasn't true. I even wrote it in my notes when I bought it... More...
    Geezak's Picture   Geezak    2 Comments   Comments
  • Tuff Shed's Customer Service Is Not Very Good!

    My husband and I made the decision and ordered a 10X12 Tuff shed, with paint match through Home Depot, Keizer, Oregon. The paint match was WRONG! It came a striking Dark navy blue color, when our home is a soft blue grey color. Home Depot provided us with additional 3 gallons of paint without a beat! That was their mistake, and they treated us Right. The trim on the doors did not line up, so the contractor had to reposition the trim on one of the two doors so that they would at least match. This left an unsightly goober where the board was taken off and reattached. The insides... More...
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    matlock46's Picture   matlock46    1 Comments   Comments
  • Tuff Shed's bait and switch sales

    An add on Craig's List selling a 12 X16 fully loaded shed at the Carson/Gardernerville Home Depot was for sale for $2600.00 and the roof would be "removed" and customer would have to move. Well their idea of "removed" was to tear it apart and the customer would have to buy all roofing materials to rebuilt it back to the sale condition at Home Depot. When we didn't want to do that they tried to sell us a smaller shed for the same amount of money without all the extras...then told us they have someone else that will buy it for that amount and move it for them... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    tholt's Picture   tholt    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible customer service

    Tuff Shed installed our shed about a month ago. A day later we noticed that the door was not locking or latching properly. We are supposed to have a 1 year warranty. We have called and set up 2 appointments for service TWICE and both times nobody showed up, and when we called back to follow up they said they didn't show us as scheduled for service that day. STILL trying to get our 1200 dollar shed fixed correctly!!! More...
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    jade0rade's Picture   jade0rade    1 Comments   Comments
  • Home Depot bad install

    I have owned my tuff shed for a year this is the problems I have encountered. The doors leaked badly and filled the shed up with water every time it rained. When I called customer no service to come out and size up the problem it took 7 phone calls before they would finally come out. Six different appointments of which they were a no show and never called me about the no shows. I had to call them back to reschedule them each time for another appointment no show. A lot of wasting my time and the aggravation of the recall of which I had to explain my problem every time I called. Long story... More...
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    Preston's Picture   Preston    1 Comments   Comments
  • below par material and their answer to everything it meets our standards

    I bought a tuff shed and not satisfied at all. From the ground to the floor of my tuff shed is 13" tall. This may not seem very high to some but for older people like me and having bad knees this takes a lot out of you. I called Tuff Shed up and they came out and the answered I got was it's withing their standards. I would like a copy of these standards because they were not explained to me. I was told the height couldn't be more the 4". Mine is 6" from the ground to the bottom of their steel beam. Then add th width of the beam to that and my total height is... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    johnpet's Picture   johnpet    0 Comments   Comments

    Central Valley Customers BEWARE!!! I cancelled my order with the Tuff Shed located here in Fresno, CA. My sales rep Jeff was awful, 45 minutes late at our initial appointment didn't even call to let me know. Turned in all paperwork and didn't hear from anyone for a week!! I called to find out what was going on with my order,nobody at the Fresno office could help, I had to wait for Jeff to return my call a day later. When he did call his attitude was sh_tty , he was not helpful and never attempted to make it right. These guys are LAZY!! Since the product pretty much sells itself... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Johnny6's Picture   Johnny6    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tuff Shed - Don't waste your money

    Don't buy a Tuff Shed. Sub par materials and installers who are more worried about a quick install than doing the job right. My shed is less than 5 years old and the exterior is rotting off. Installer counter sunk all nails and compromised the integrity of the siding. Tuff Shed says that I should have caulked every hole even though we put two heavy coats of paint on the building. They used to have offices in Jacksonville, Florida and Orlando which no longer exist. I guess their lack of customer service and refusal to stand behind their products is catching up to them. The siding... More...
    jpludvigsen's Picture   jpludvigsen    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Products and Poor Customer Service !!!

    Their buildings are substandard, they have incompetent installers, zero warranty after the sale and the management as well as the Corporate Headquarters have no idea how to treat the customer. They are more concerned with the sale of the storage building and once you have signed the paperwork you can just about forget any warranty issues that you will have because they will completely forget that you exist. They are using a product from the 70%u2019s and 80%u2019s that already has been proven that it will not work in the southern states or where there%u2019s a lot of rain or moisture,... More...
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    itsmenotu's Picture   itsmenotu    5 Comments   Comments
  • Do Not Bother with them

    The guys building were ok... But Prefab Measurements were all wrong... Also they were 2 guys short. Thank god the neighbors didn't call the cops at 4am when they were STILL building cause they said they "wouldnt have jobs if they didnt finish"!! Dont know about you, but i dont build in the dark its kinda hard to see the workmanship. They had to come back a week later and fix problems and also have to come back 2 weeks later to see what else is wrong... I only have 2 years building experience and i could have done better stick build than a prefab job they... More...
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    ConsumorLoss's Picture   ConsumorLoss    0 Comments   Comments
  • Buyers beware

    I couldn't agree more with the complaints I've read. I contacted Tuff Shed thru an online inquiry and started talking with them over a year ago about a garage we wanted built. I quickly found out, the sales person is only there to answer your calls, otherwise they provide NO service, NO follow-up, NO value, nothing. The sales guy came out to give a quote back in the summer of '08 and that was the last I heard from him. We were both busy starting new jobs and didn't have time to chase down the sales guy to close the sale for him. So a year passed and our need for... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    tuffshed's Picture   tuffshed    1 Comments   Comments
  • Tuff Shed terrible customer service

    Tuff Shed arrived without vents. I had paid deposit only- would not pay balance until vent were installed. This took 4 weeks and 10 calls. Lots of infighting as to who's fault it was that the vents were not installed and who's account was going to be charged. Finally called district office. Truck arrived more than an hour past arranged time. District manager, Bob, was rude and yelled at me. This is Tufff Shed in Anaheim , CA. DON'T BUY TUFF SHED. Customer service is terrible. More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    SueSlusser's Picture   SueSlusser    3 Comments   Comments
  • Tuff Sh**?

    Glad i didnt get a Tough Shed! Guy calls me at 10am on the day of the delivery and tells me the only builder is sick you have to wait another week. It has been 3 weeks already! In these times companies need to do better for customers no resolution except you will have to wait?? I am going to cancel this sucker and will try another company that is eager to have my business. More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    depot's Picture   depot    1 Comments   Comments

    TUFF SHED ON ORANGE GROVE AVE IN NORTH HIGHLANDS BLOWS I bought a 12X18 high barn tuff shed and was totally disgusted with what I recieved.. the lumber on the rafters was sub standard as was the craftsmanship .. on 1 seam where 2 pieces of exteriour sheeting were nailed together it had over 72 nails within a 6' run , it was like a bunch of crack monkeys assembeled it.. the salesman called when all was done and I told him of my displeasure and he was apathetic. then he tryed to stick me with a $650.00 or so "final inspection" bill... My shed cost over 10 grand ($2,500... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    Jim's Picture   Jim    9 Comments   Comments


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